hi joel, i saw your TFIOS post and i disagree with it, i mean, i get it, the cast is all white, and that's a bit of a downer, but it's not exactly whitewashing if the characters werent described as POC, i remember both Gus and Isaac are white, and yes Hazel's ethnicity was never described, so it's sad that she isn't portrayed by a WOC, but it's also not a surprise, and even if they were all POC, it wouldn't be John's fault, he has a say in the casting, but i don't think the final choice, u get?

i’m not going to pretend that i remember tfios word for word, but i’m sure you’re right about gus and isaac, smh. i suppose it’s not necessarily whitewashing, but it’s certainly problematic.

The lack of poc representation, especially in leading roles, and especially women, is abismal. As a precedent, if you remember how inspired and how prettier black girls felt after lupita nyong’o’s role in 12 years a slave (a movie i still gotsta watch) and her appearance at the oscars, and also when the annie remake trailer came out to see a black girl playing annie, you’ll see where i’m coming from.

Of course i don’t expect casting someone by race, but it’s just a shame for one of the most hyped up movies of 2014 to have the entire main cast (i think at least) be white.

And I know that John doesn’t have the final choice, and I also know that he is a rather large advocate for social justice, I suppose, but I think he’s been playing the “I’m not in charge of this” card a little too much, especially for a grown man such as himself. If the movie was inaccurate to the book (which i’ve heard especially from john that it’s not, and since watching how corny the cigarette scene sounds out loud, i suppose we can confirm) he would sort it out wouldn’t he?


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